A Different Option for Your Storage Rental Needs in Prince George’s County, MD

There are many reasons you may need a storage rental in Prince George’s County. No matter why you do, let American Portable Storage deliver a storage unit to your home or business. We make moving and storage easy!

Fort Washington, MD


Advantages of Portable Storage

If you’re looking at a storage rental for short- or long-term needs, American Portable Storage offers many advantages over a traditional storage unit.

  • Store on your property or ours. When you need short-term storage for a home renovation or remodel, you can load your belongings and still have access to them right on your property. If you’re looking for longer-term storage, we’re happy to keep your unit at our secure facility.
  • Save time. Because we bring the storage rental unit to you, there’s no loading a van, unloading a van and making multiple trips to the unit with the next load. You just load it in your driveway and because we rent by the month, you’re not rushed.
  • Save money. Most storage rental facilities have a flat per-month fee just like we do. However, we don’t lock you into a contract. When your storage needs are done, let us know and we’ll pick up the unit. You won’t pay an early termination fee, ever.

We Make Moving Easy Too

Sometimes a realtor may suggest you “declutter” in order to sell your home. Calling American Portable Storage for a storage unit is a perfect solution. Other times you may want to stage your move, meaning you load the small boxes and other easy-to-move belongings into our unit and then call a moving company to transport the larger items.
Of course, if you want to handle your entire move, American Portable Storage Storage offers both 12- and 16-foot units. You can rent more than one of our units at a time and we’ll deliver them to your new address – without you having to rent a moving truck and drive it in traffic!

Move Smart – Contact Us Today!

Call American Portable Storage today for your free quote and to schedule your storage unit in Prince George’s County, MD. We can be reached at (866) 742-6200 today or you can fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.


"American portable is a small and friendly company, when you speak with owner or drivers, you know you are getting the real deal, not some guy sitting in a call center. Their containers were water tight and well built, I had no concerns with my worldly possessions. They were on time and personal, I felt comfortable working with them and their drivers."

Ken C.

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