The Most Convenient Moving & Storage Option in Baltimore County

American Portable Storage is the most convenient and affordable moving and storage option in Baltimore County. Instead of renting a moving van, paying a moving company or renting a storage unit that you drive to and fill, you can have your storage unit delivered to your home or business and picked up when you’re ready.

Baltimore County, MD


Why We’re a Better Option

We know that there are other companies that offer similar services; however, as a local small business, you get personal service from American Portable Storage that large companies can’t offer. Plus, we don’t have hidden fees. Our pricing is simple: you pay per month for the rental of the unit and a flat fee every time we move it for you. Having a storage unit delivered is just an easier way to move or store your property.

Reasons to Have a Storage Unit Delivered

American Portable Storage is more than just a company that helps with do-it-yourself moves. There are many reasons to have a storage unit delivered by American Portable Storage. Realtors and home stagers use our units to store furnishings and décor. Homeowners undergoing a home remodeling or renovation store their belongings in our units on their property for easy access. Businesses load our units with trade show equipment and documents requiring storage.

Staging a Move

One of the most popular reasons to have a storage unit delivered is staging a move. Once we deliver the unit, you can start loading it. This helps you organize and declutter before you list your home or have a moving company move your furniture and large appliances. You don’t have to get everything done in a weekend. Once you have the unit loaded, we can either move it to your new home or store it at our facility if you’re waiting to move until you sell your home.

Contact American Portable Storage Today

There are many reasons Baltimore County homeowners and business owners call American Portable Storage. Let us help you with your moving and storage needs today by calling (866) 742-6200, or you can fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.


"Love these guys, super easy to work with. Make sure Charles is our driver, he very polite and a great human bean…"

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