Emergency Storage After a Disaster

There are so many things to consider after your home suffers damage from a fire, flood or other disaster. One of those considerations is what to do with your personal items during a home restoration. You may need to temporarily relocate to a hotel, which means storing your goods. If the restoration is significant, you may need to move to an apartment. American Portable Storage is the best solution, no matter how long you need to store your belongings.

Emergency Storage to Facilitate


Short-Term Emergency Storage

We offer two sizes of storage units, 12 feet and 16 feet, for your emergency storage needs. Most homeowners who only need a month or two of storage choose to have our unit(s) delivered to their driveway and left there during the restoration. This allows for easy access to any belongings you need to access during the restoration process. It’s also a great option if you’re living in a hotel because you can easily store your clothing in the unit and change things out seasonally, freeing up room in the hotel room.

Long-Term Restoration Storage

If you and your insurance company realize you’ll need a significant restoration, you may find that renting an apartment is a better option. Our emergency storage allows you the ease of loading the items you want in the temporary space in one unit, and loading the long-term storage items in another unit. Once you’ve packed everything away, we’ll take the unit for long-term storage back to our facility for safekeeping and deliver your other unit to your new temporary residence. When you’re ready to move back home, we’re ready to help with the move back.

Yes, We Accept Homeowner’s Insurance Claims!

You’ll find in speaking with your insurance adjuster that a storage unit, including delivery and storage, are likely covered in your insurance claim. American Portable Storage will provide all the necessary paperwork to facilitate the claim. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing emergency storage, call American Portable Storage at (866) 742-6200 or fill out our contact form today.


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