Storage Rental, Delivered!

If you’re looking for a storage rental for a long or short term, American Portable Storage can help. We’re based in Spencerville, MD, and service the I-95 corridor from northern Baltimore through DC and Northern Virginia. If you’re looking for a more affordable and convenient way to move and want to keep within a budget, we’re the solution for you.

D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Serving Metro Baltimore, Washington & Surrounding Areas

Don’t waste money renting a truck for your move and paying the mileage and rental fees. If you just need to store goods, don’t waste time and energy loading a moving van and taking it to your storage rental unit and unloading it. American Portable Storage would love to hear from you if you’re in the Baltimore, DC or Northern Virginia area. Our service area includes local counties such as:

Our pricing model is simple: we have a flat fee per month (depending on the size of your container), just like a traditional storage rental unit. The only other cost you’ll incur is the delivery and pick-up fee. Plus, there’s no contract – so when you’re done with the container, you simply stop paying us.

More Than Just Moving Services

Some people think that the only reason to call American Portable Storage is if they’re moving. However, many of our customers use us for other reasons. Some of those include:

  • Storage while remodeling a home.
  • Realtors use us to store goods for home staging.
  • Property storage during disaster recovery/renovation.
  • Trade show booth equipment and set-up storage.

Because we deliver the units to your property and pick them up when you’re ready, it’s a convenient and affordable option for storage or moving needs.

Save Time & Money With American Portable Storage

Call American Portable Storage and load your belongings once into our portable storage unit, then either keep it on your property or let us take it and store it at our secure facility. We’ll deliver it to your new home or apartment when you’re ready. Reach us by filling out our contact form or calling (866) 742-6200 today.


"American portable is a small and friendly company, when you speak with owner or drivers, you know you are getting the real deal, not some guy sitting in a call center. Their containers were water tight and well built, I had no concerns with my worldly possessions. They were on time and personal, I felt comfortable working with them and their drivers."

Ken C.

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