Moving, Emergency Storage & More in Anne Arundel County

American Portable Storage is here to help make your move easier, less stressful and less expensive. We also provide emergency storage in the event your home or business suffers a disaster requiring restoration. And, just like a traditional storage facility in Anne Arundel County, we offer storage units by the month.

Annapolis, MD


Why Choose American Portable Storage

There are many ways to move and store your belongings. American Portable Storage strives to be the best solution for all your needs. Because we offer a simple pricing model by the month, we take the stress out of moving. As a small, locally-based company, we truly care about our customers. We don’t have a big call center, just our staff who will answer your questions and help you through the rental process. We’re real people who live in this community and strive for five-star customer satisfaction every day.

Saving Customers Time, Money & Stress Every Day

Whether you’re moving yourself or staging your move, one of the most frequent comments we hear from our customers is that we take the stress out of their moving and storage needs. That’s what we want to do for you!
If you’re undergoing a home remodel where you just need as much out of your home as possible, using a storage container is a great option. Your belongings can be kept right in your driveway and when the remodel is complete, you just move your goods back in. No rental truck, no unloading into a storage unit, then back onto a moving truck and back to your home. This saves considerable time and money.

Sometimes a home renovation isn’t planned. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing emergency storage, call us. We can help you select the right size unit and get it delivered quickly. Dry-out and remediation services appreciate how we can get the units delivered and help homeowners and business owners with their insurance claims.

Contact American Portable Storage Today

Whether you’re planning a move months from now or have an emergency storage need, call American Portable Storage today at (866) 742-6200. We’ll help you reserve the right size unit(s) and schedule your delivery in Anne Arundel County. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.


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